I have fallen behind on payments for a tv. I am about a month behind and plan on paying it when I get my tax returns in a few weeks. I got a message saying they will report the tv stolen. Can they do it or are they just trying to scare me into paying somthing?

3 Responses to “Can Aarons Lease to own or Rent a center press criminal charges for non payment in Ohio?”

  1. chet elderson says:

    It’s a scare tactic. You entered into a civil agreement with them and they can come repossess the TV but they cannot pursue criminal charges.

  2. Badge203 says:

    They can repo it and sue you for breaking the contract

    They can’t report is stolen unless you have moved without telling them where the set is at

  3. Penguin_Bob says:

    That’s B.S. … they can only go after repossesion and suing you for what you owe. I suggest you just return the TV and see what happens. GL !!

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